Bunny Adoptions

Once we have had our bunnies Checked by our vet & vaccinated against Calicivirus, they go off to be desexed.

There are very good reasons for doing this:

For Boys: Getting your boy desexed will stop the spraying & humping as well as stop him getting grumpy. I believe this is one reason the boys get abandoned. As soon as the males testes have dropped, which can be anytime from 9 weeks to 4-5 months you should get him desexed.

For Girls: Once your girl has reached about 5 months or a minimum weight of 1kg at that age, you can get her desexed. Your girl needs desexing to stop her getting uterine cancer from about 2 years old & also to keep her hormones in check. Undesexed girls can get very niggly as they want babies & sometimes go through phantom pregnancies.

Both will be much better at the litter training once they are desexed because until they are desexed they are trying to spread their scent & protect their territory.

Once bunnies are desexed they & the hormones settle they are ready for adoption.

Our adoption fee is $120 per bunny or $200 for a bonded pair & $250 for a trio. This goes towards, but does not cover the cost of the vaccinating & desexing. If you do a ring around to find out what the vaccination & desexing will cost at your local vet you might be in for quite a shock. To be properly inoculated against Calici each bunny needs an initial vaccine then a booster a month later, then evey 10 months after that, not 12 months.

If you go to a Rabbit specialist, which is always preferable as they really know what they are doing, you will need deep pockets.

We do prefer that all of our bunnies are indoor pets but sometimes the choice between a bad indoor home

& a great outdoor home comes into question.

We will do our best to help you provide a safe home for your bunnies but the love has to come from you.

Bunny Bonding

If you would like to adopt 2 bunnies, so they have company while you are at work, we can arrange to bond the two you would most like to adopt.

Unfortunately this does not always work, as like people bunnies have their very own personalities. In this case we can keep trying until we get that perfect match

We are also happy to bond one of our adoptees with your own bunny if you would like a companion for your Fur Baby.

All of our bondings are done on site over a couple of days, so you leave one bunny & take home 2 in a few days time.

All bonding s are carried out on the premises & your bunny must be vaccinated against Calicivirus.

At this stage there is no way of vaccinating against Myxomatosis, although studies are showing that while 99% of domestic pet rabbits succumb to the virus, approx.. 30% of wild rabbits have developed an immunity to it. clearly that method of eradicating our wild rabbits has worked!

But that is a whole other story!