Inside Cages

The Medium Family hutch: great for      2 – 3 bunnies

The Large Family hutch: as the name suggests suitable for a mum & kits or 3 bunnies

The Double Triangle hutch suitable for a single small rabbit

The Small double storey hutch: suitable for 1 small bunny

Each cage has 2 levels, one where the food & water are provided & one set up more as a sleeping area. Buns have fresh Oaten hay on a daily basis & a large ceramic water bowl that they (hopefully) can’t tip. We also have our own vegetable gardens so that the buns get fresh veggies with no chemicals & we top up from the market, as we need to. A small serve of fresh fruit is given daily as a treat & I use Barrastoc pellets for bunnies over 6 months or underweight bunnies & Oxbow mixed with lucerne hay for bunnies under 6 months or those that are underweight. We use recycles paper litter in all out litter trays unless you request something different.

Outside Cages

All of our Outdoor hutches have wire on the inside & fly-wire on the outside. It is almost impossible to completely mozzie proof an outdoor hutch, but mozzies get inside too. All the outdoor hutches are sprayed with an insect repelling surface spray on the outside & we use plug in mozzie repellants to help keep them at bay. If your bunnies are out door buns than this will be no different to home. All outdoor hutches are lined with the same indoor/outdoor carpet where suitable. They all receive the same care & treatment as the indoor bunnies.

The Bunny Holiday Camp