Bush fire Hazard

Unfortunately bunnies can get sick and we are not in a position to cover the costs of getting them well again. We will require a signed consent form from you giving us the OK to seek Veterinary attention if we feel it is required. There can be some quite serious illnesses that creep up on bunnies. Thinks like bloat, mites etc. We can take your bunny to your Vet, our local Vet (Gembrook Vets) or call in the Rabbit Doctor. The choice will be yours to make but you will be required to pay for the consultation & any medications required. We can also arrange for your bunny to be de-sexed while you are away, again at your expense but we will nurse your bunny after surgery.

Health issues

Given that we live in a Bushfire risk area, we do have a fire plan. All of our indoor cages are easily transportable so on days of Extreme or Code Red we will be able to take the cages & buns to a safe place off the mountain. This may mean that buns well have restricted areas to run in but it will be safe for them. Each tower will become 4 single cages instead of 2 double storey cages. All buns will be transported in the car while the cages will be in the trailer.

The Rabbit Doctor does housecalls!

Gerry Skinner is a Specialist in exotic animals which is the category that Rabbits in Austraia come under. What Gerry doesn't know about bunnies isn't worth knowing!

P:1300 735 945


Gembrook Veterinary Clinic are there for every animal, from dogs & cats to horses, cows & goats, but definitely there for Rabbits.

87 Main Street, Gembrook VIC 3783

03 5968-1888


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