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Our Bunny garden is a fenced off area of our back yard, under a beautiful shady Mulberry Tree. It was originally created for Alice & Bluey but as we didn’t have to worry about trying to catch them, there are too many hiding spots for little bunnies…

So we fenced off a few areas within Alice & Blueys garden with the same heavy gauge wire used on the indoor cages, added a small hutch & a covered hay feeder. We have also used a length of ducting (the same as is used for ducted heating)……

For the bunnies to play in & they love it. Besides being long & flexible it is also insulated so it is warmer in winter & cooler in summer! Bonus! I also have a bench seat in there so I can sit & watch them & allow them to get to know me too!

Aside from having room to run around & binky in, the bunnies get to enjoy having a good dig. Being double fenced & having such a matting of dense roots they are very unlikely to escape! And they love munching on the tree roots to. One of the other types of play areas is our wired trampolines. This way bunnies have shde & protection from predators.

60 Second Avenue | Cockatoo, Vic, 3781

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