The Bunny Holiday Camp

Where you know your bunny will be safe & happy with all the love you give them at home

 Safety from Predator€™s for indoor bunnies

 Fresh bedding daily (hay or blanket)

Unlimited Oaten Hay

 Fresh water daily

Fresh greens twice a day (many home grown)

Air conditioned comfort for indoor buns

Mozzie resistant Hutches for outdoor bunnies

 Individual outside play time either in the bunny garden or one of the play pens.

Herb bundles & toys

Basic Requirements for all Bunnies being boarded.

• All bunnies must be vaccinated against Calicivirus

• Vaccination certificate must be presented & have 1 month minimum remaining before next vaccination is due

• Vets contact details & signed agreement to cover the cost of all veterinary costs should your bunny become ill while being boarded

Price List

Rates for 1-6 days

    1 Bunny - $16

    2 Bunnies - $24

    3 Bunnies - $32

    4 Bunnies - $36

Weekly Boarding

   1 Bunny - $100

    2 Bunnies - $150

    3 Bunnies - $200

    4 Bunnies - $220

Long Term – (over 8 days)

   1 Bunny - add $12 a day

   2 Bunnies – add $18 a day

   3 Bunnies – add $24 a day

   4 Bunnies – add $27 a day

Our facilities

Our indoor cages are made from steel, so even if a predator did get into the bunny room some how, the buns cannot be touched.

The size is approximately double the size of a 2-storey timber hutch that you buy from a pet ship, so there is plenty of room when they are confined.

The cages are designed to house 2 buns separately or be opened up to be one large cage of 4 levels to house 2 buns together if you wish.

Each wire shelf is covered with a waterproofed piece of ply, and then topped with indoor-outdoor carpet to protect their hocks. This includes the ramp.

This carpet makes for easy cleaning as well as being gentle on the buns.

What we provide