My husband Paul & I have had rabbits for a few years now.

Paul is the only reason I am able to do this, as he built all of the steel cages & the bunny garden as well as anything else we need including repairing the hutches etc.

I got my first Bun about 24 years ago & when he died of Myxo I was shattered.

We live in beautiful Cockatoo which is at the Eastern end of the Dandenong Ranges East of Melbourne.

After me telling my tale of woe to Paul, my next bun arrived. He was a birthday present for me & I have not stopped since. Rfa (R for Rabbit) was the bunny that broke the drought. He was a Flemish Giant, and then came Bluey, another Flemish who I bonded with Alice.

The beautiful Alice came from RRO in Olinda. All of my buns have had no issues with our dogs, Keisha, a 14 yr. old Golden Retriever & Annie, a 13 yr. old Maltese X Shi Tzu . Rfa & Bluey used to tease Annie by sneaking up on her & nipping her bottom. She knew she was no match for them as they were twice her size. 

Our bunnies are a part of the family & we hope to show all of our adoptive bunny parents, that bunnies make fantastic indoor pets that each have their own mind & personallity!

Established in 2014, The Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge is dedicated to helping the plight of bunnies that for one reason or another are no longer wanted. 

Many owners do not realize that the cute little bunny they bought home a few months ago will go through puberty just like teenagers.

Consequently they change & this is often when they are dumped.

Our aim is not only try to stop this from happening but to take those buns in & fix the problem so that they become the beautiful cuddly bunny everyone wants.

Rfa, Keisha & Annie waiting to go for walkies up the back. Trust me Rfa never got to go!

A little about us!

Bluey, chilling with Annie (on the couch) & Keisha under the air conditioner one hot summers day.

Alice warming herself by the fire one winters night.